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Free Zone Diet Breakfast Recipe: Canadian Bacon Omelet with Kiwi and Strawberries

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Recipe Contributed by jojo_nardelli
This Recipe is a Favorite of 104 Members and is being used in Menus.

Prep Time:  5  minutes  
Cook Time:  5  minutes  
Cook Temp:  0  degrees  
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 (values in Calories)
3 & 1/4 oz Find Substitute Canadian Bacon 6 58 58L
2 ea Find Substitute Egg, Whole, Large 8 40 72L
1 & 5/8 ea Find Substitute Kiwi fruit 81 6 6M
1 & 5/8 tsp Find Substitute Milk, 1% milkfat 2 1 1L
1 & 3/4 Tbsp Find Substitute Onions 6 1 0L
1 & 3/4 Tbsp Find Substitute Peppers, Bell, green 4 1 0L
1 & 2/3 cup Find Substitute Strawberries 62 6 8L
  TOTAL CALORIES  168113146L


IMPORTANT: This recipe can be made Gluten-Free, but because manufacturers have different products, it is your responsibility to ensure all ingredients are in fact gluten-free.

Preparation Instructions:
Spray a small skillet with a cooking spray. Add diced onions and peppers ( I buy them already diced). While cooking them on medium setting, beat the eggs with the milk. Dice Canadian bacon. Pour beaten eggs over peppers and onions. Then add bacon evenly over top. Slowly lift sides of omelet and tip pan slightly letting egg run under all around the pan. When egg is not as runny, slowly flip omelet with a spatula. Wait about 30 seconds and flip half of omelet over onto other half. Cut up fruit and add together in a bowl to enjoy with the omelet.
Gluten Free

Balance Ratio:


Low Glycemic Index
Serving Information as: Breakfast
 Serving Size:  Whole Recipe
Calorie Information as: Breakfast
 Calories:  427   (Breakfast target: 400)

42g Carbs, 28g Protein, 16g Fat