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Interactive Menu Planner

Interactive Menu Planner

The FormulaZone Interactive Menu Planner gives you the power of a solid plan in managing your menu, with both tremendous flexibility and precise control. Research has shown that working from a plan greatly increases your chances of success.

Rate any of over 3,100 Zone Diet recipes and search for others by their ratings. Influence how often a recipe shows up in your planner. Use the Hide feature to keep a recipe from appearing in your menus. Use the Favorite feature to create your own personal cookbook of your favorite balanced recipes.

If you are in a hurry, use the Menu Planner in Automatic mode, which learns your preferences as you use it. If you want more control you can choose to hand-select all of the meals for your menu. The options give you the power to plan in any way that makes sense for you.

Eating low glycemic balanced and healthful meals will improve your overall health and help your body to shed those unnecessary pounds. And if you want to cook for your entire family, run the Interactive Menu Planner in Family Style mode and watch it automatically adjust the number of portions and portion size for each individual in your family.

This powerful option is included in your membership at no additional charge. No other site has it.

One of a Dozen Powerful Tools

Take the FormulaZone tour. You'll learn how to use the Zone Recipe Builder to build and save your personal favorite nutritionally balanced recipes, including those you've customized with the Ingredient Substitution Finder tool.

You'll learn how the Nutrition Label Analyzer helps you to evaluate any food, and the Fast Food Analyzer takes the guesswork out of dining out.

Coupled with the FormulaZone Diet Profiler, the Automatic Shopping List, and your Personal Cookbook, Personal Food Diary, and Personal Progress Log, your success is planned to the last detail.

Pay Less, Get More

As we said, working from a plan has been proven to increase your chances of getting the results you want. These planning tools, including the Family Style Planner, are all included in your FormulaZone membership, and are not available from any other diet site.

Isn't your family worth about 18 cents a day? Get started now, and be on the way to better health by your next meal.


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