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Ingredient Substitution Finder


Everyone has a particular food ingredient that they just don't like. We feel they shouldn't be forced to eat it.

But instead of forever skipping that recipe, use the FormulaZone Ingredient Substitution Finder tool. Chances are, there's another ingredient that will provide a similar nutritional value, so that you can still enjoy the meal.

Pick Something Else

If the recipe for beef brisket with cabbage and red potatoes doesn't make the cut because you don't like cabbage, check the Ingredient Substitution Tool and select a sliced apple instead.

Don't want a slice of tomato? Perhaps two slices of cucumber is more to your liking. Or, if you don't care for olives, the Substitution Finder might suggest a dash of oil in the entrée, or tablespoon of avocado as nutritionally equal.

Account For Your Family’s Tastes, Too

And you're not limited to substituting ingredients you don't like, when you choose Family Style planning you can eliminate problem foods for them, too.

Adjust an individual recipe, or adjust your menu plan to your complete satisfaction. Coupled with tools like the Zone Recipe Builder and the Nutrition Label Analyzer, you'll have total control over everything you eat.

Whether to use any of the FormulaZone's 3,100 recipes as is, make changes, or drop it completely is up to you.

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