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Your Individual Profile

One of the powerful tools of the FormulaZone Web site is your Personal Profile, and the way Formula Zone automatically adjusts everything else to fit. If you set your preferences for a 345 calorie breakfast, it won't show you one for 500 calories, or one for 250, either. It will size the recipes appropriately for your goals and the way you like to eat.

How will you adjust your Personal Profile?

Like three squares a day with no snacks? Like to snack? Like to graze all day? Need to feed the whole family? FormulaZone automatically adjusts the recipes, the meal plans, and your shopping lists to keep you solidly in the Zone. And if there's a specific food you don't like, click on the Substitute button and choose from a complete list of other foods that are good nutritional equivalents.

Are you dealing with diabetes, or just concerned about blood sugar levels, high blood pressure, or food allergies? Vegetarian or Vegan? Are there foods your family won't eat, or family favorites you don't want to miss? Once you set up your profile, poof! Unacceptable choices are gone. Your favorites show up regularly.

Look At All of the Choices

We'll start you out with access to over 3,100 Zone diet recipes contributed by members just like you.

And occasionally, when you find a food that's not in our extensive database, use the Nutrition Label Analyzer tool to know exactly what you've got.


How much could you lose?