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Is the Zone right for diabetics?

Diabetes is all about insulin and blood sugar

The Zone is Perfect for Diabetics

Type 1 diabetes (your body no longer makes insulin) or Type 2 diabetes (your body is resistant to insulin, and eventually stops making insulin) both respond well to a low glycemic diet. FormulaZone makes low glycemic an easy choice to follow.

What's the glycemic index?

The Glycemic Index (GI) is the measure of the amount and the rate of an increase in blood sugar after eating a carbohydrate. The higher the GI, the larger the rise in blood sugar, and the more insulin is released. Unfortunately the more insulin in your system, the more fat you'll retain. Eating 40-30-30 reduces your glycemic load.

High Glycemic foods (like candy bars) will give you fast, abundant energy which, unfortunately fades quickly, and is replaced by sleepiness. But when you eat Low Glycemic you are less hungry between meals and more mentally clear. You feel great, you lose fat, you have more energy, and your mood will be stable. Who doesn't want to feel that way?

A low glycemic diet is not a low calorie diet. It is possible to eat fewer calories and not be hungry. (We regularly hear from members who prepare recipes and complain they can't eat it all). Every recipe shows the GI of the meal. You can even search for recipes based on their GI numbers.

Eat more often

And eating every four hours (or less) keeps your metabolism revved up and actually uses more energy. Is your goal to lose weight? Then eat smaller portions, and eat more often.

Don't skip meals. First, you'll be overeating later. Second, large portions once a day are the most efficient way to store fat. Sumo wrestlers eat only once a day. Don't eat like a sumo wrestler unless you want a sumo wrestler's body.

Eat breakfast. When you sleep, you are basically fasting for 6-8 hours. End that fast by eating a good balanced, low-glycemic meal right away.

Plan ahead. Take food with you if you will be unable to stop to eat. A ZonePerfect Bar or some other easy, on-the-go snack can work wonders.

Eat an evening snack. Contrary to popular belief, a snack right before bed does not turn to fat. Instead, it provides the hormonal balance for your body through your sleep hours.

Involve the whole family.

It’s difficult to follow any diet program when you're cooking one meal for the family and a separate one for yourself.

But low glycemic diets are good for non-diabetics, too. Your family can be eating balanced foods that are good for them, and not even know they're dieting .


How much could you lose?