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A Dozen Zone Diet Tools

The Fast Food Analyzer

If you're going out to lunch, are you better off having the grilled chicken salad from Arbys, Dairy Queen, or McDonalds?

A quick comparison and you'll see that Arbys Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad with Light Italian Dressing and 2 packs Seasoned Croutons has 288 calories, while Dairy Queen's Chicken Salad with Fat Free Italian has only 237.

On the other hand the Dairy Queen salad is high glycemic and the Arbys is medium glycemic.

But the clear winner is McDonalds Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad with Red French Reduced Calorie Dressing. Only 224 calories, medium glycemic, and the carb/protein/fat balance is 37-28-35.

FormulaZone Diet Profiler

Enter your gender, your activity level, your height, weight, and weight goal.

The FormulaZone Diet Profiler works in both English and metric units to calculate your body mass index, your suggested goal weight, and the number of calories you should eat daily to meet that goal.

When our members use this tool, they can program the amount of variety they want in each meal, and whether they choose to avoid a specific food group (dairy, alcohol, beef, etc). The Profiler will carry this information into the members' personal profile so that the Menu Planner will immediately begin to suggest meals the member likes in the portion size the member needs.

Zone Recipe Builder

This is one of FormulaZone's most powerful tools. It lets you customize your meals, down to your choice of ingredients. In your preferences you'll set your balance ratios, glycemic index, and such. Now comes the fun.

Save your recipes, and if you like, share them with other members.

Nutrition Label Analyzer

Sometimes we all like the convenience of frozen dinners or other prepared foods. How do you know if a meal fits in the Zone?

With the Label Analyzer you can instantly see if a food is balanced.

Enter the information from the nutritional panel and instantly you'll see the balance ratio and an estimation of the glycemic index. With one click you'll even get a list of foods you can add to balance the meal.

Interactive Menu Planner

The FormulaZone Menu Planner gives you both tremendous flexibility and precise control in managing your menu. Learn how to reach your goals of weight loss and healthy living with the interactive Menu Planner.

Rate recipes so you can search by rating. Influence how often a recipe shows up in your planner. Use the Hide feature to keep a recipe from appearing in your menus. Use the Favorite feature to create your own personal cookbook of your favorite balanced recipes.

If you are in a hurry, use the automatic menu planner, which learns as you use it. If you want more control you can choose to hand-select all of the meals for your menu. The options give you the power.

Automatic Menu Planner

This is one of the “simplify your life tools” that our members appreciate so much. After you set up your FormulaZone Diet Profiler (about three pages of preferences which won't take long at all), the automatic menu planner does the thinking when you don't want to.

Five snacks a day, or none. No foods you don't want to see. As much variety as it takes to keep you interested, all automatically.

Of course, any time you want more control, you may override with the Diet Zone Menu Planner.

Dinner Customizer System

This tool works in conjunction with the Automatic Menu Planner. After your menus are constructed automatically, the Dinner Customizer allows you to replace any meal, by offering you a complete list of substitution choices, a short list, or even a random substitution.

It’s a compromise between “I don’t want to think about it,” and “I want total control.”

Substitution Finder

If there's a particular food that you don't like, you don't have to forever skip that recipe. Chances are there's another ingredient that will provide a similar nutritional value, so that you can still enjoy the meal.

Don't want a slice of tomato? Perhaps two slices of cucumber is more to your liking. Or, if you don't care for olives, the Substitution Finder might suggest a dash of oil in the entrée, or tablespoon of avocado on a cracker as nutritionally equal.

Whether to use the recipe as is, make changes, or drop it completely is up to you.

Automatic Shopping List

The list is such a time saver. Once you've approved the meals in your planner, the ingredients and portions are calculated, and summarized on to a shopping list so that you'll be able to purchase exactly what you'll need to stay in the Zone.

Best yet, your shopping list becomes a major time saver because it's organized by department: dairy, baked goods, canned goods, produce, etc.

Personal Progress Log

A log of your progress is a powerful motivator, and the FormulaZone progress log has some excellent features to aid your log keeping.

Weigh yourself once a week, on the same day of the week, at the same time of the day. Enter the date, and any notes about whether you were on vacation, out of town, or other circumstances that may affect your rate of weight change.

The Logger charts your progress to let you see your progress at a glance.

Over 3,100 great Zone Diet recipes.

The easiest way to follow the Zone Diet is to simply enjoy the recipes already in FormulaZone. There are already over 3,000 in our extensive database, and more are being added daily - more than enough variety to satisfy anyone.

Personal Cookbook.

Use the Meal Designer to create your own private library of recipes, personalized to your preferences. There's no limit to the number of entries in your file.

Sometimes you might not feel like sharing. But if you suspect others will enjoy your modifications, mark them for sharing.

If you find another member's meals are consistently to your taste, you can search the public recipes in her cookbook - including those they accepted from some other cook.

And finally, you can rate your recipes, and on a scale of five, nothing less than a three ever shows up in your Meal Planner again.

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