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Be Fit and in Shape Like a Celebrity

Jennifer Aniston, Sandra Bullock, Kevin Costner, and other celebrities follow the Zone, for the same reasons you should: it keeps them in shape.

They feel good, stay sharp, and get to eat well, with large satisfying portions of real, tasty food.

As busy as they are, many celebrities continue to follow The Zone after they've achieved their weight loss, because it's easy to follow the plan, and they don't have to give up additional time.

Celebrities don't care what the program costs, but our members are delighted that they pay less and get more with FormulaZone.

What Celebrities Say About The Zone Diet

Jennifer Aniston certainly has a personal chef that takes care of all of her meals - but she is a believer in The Zone. Just see what she had to say during and interview with The Movie Insider:

The Movie Insider:

Were you involved with the Zone Diet?

Jennifer Aniston:

“I was now, and now it's a way of life for me.”

The Movie Insider:

No dietary restrictions?

Jennifer Aniston:

“No. I eat anything I want within reason.”

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Real Celebrities Use FormulaZone

The Zone Diet is powerful, no doubt, but what if you don't have a personal chef? FormulaZone makes it simple enough that some of our own members are celebrities.

Samantha Lally, Actress and Comedian told us:

Samantha Lally Success

With my busy schedule I need easy recipes with as few as possible ingredients. I also need to put in an option of frozen prepared foods.

FormulaZone let me put together a menu in no time and I was off and running on the zone diet! I’m glad to be back and can’t wait to see the results!’

Individual results may vary

Precious Williams, NYC Journalist, said:

Precious Williams Success

I tried Atkins and bizarrely actually gained weight. I felt ill after eating so many fatty foods and so little fresh fruit and vegetables. I dabbled with various other diets including the Paleo Diet, Protein Power and the Fat Flush.

Finally I discovered the FormulaZone website. I’ve only been on the diet for five days and oh my God - I feel AMAZING. Following the Formula Zone meal plan has changed my life - seriously. I feel so full of energy. My weight has stabilized. My stomach is as flat as a board. I don’t feel in the slightest bit hungry.

Before the Zone, I ALWAYS felt hungry and if I tried to eat something like bread I’d be unable to stop and wind up eating almost an entire loaf. On the Zone, I actually eat a couple of slices of rye bread most days and am able to stop there, without needing more. My skin looks good, I’m sleeping better. I did actually add about 300-400 calories daily onto my meal plan specifically because I’m not really after dramatic weight loss and because I have a quite athletic frame (ie low body fat, lots of lean muscle mass) - I’m presuming that requires a little more food.

After only five days my size 6 jeans are falling off me and I my puppy loves me because I have the energy to take her on very long walks now. ’

Precious Williams
Journalist, NYC

Individual results may vary


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