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Build and Save Recipes

One of the challenges in keeping your family eating healthy, is keeping enough variety in the foods you eat. Your FormulaZone subscription starts you out with over 3,100 recipes. Imagine the possibilities.

But food is personal, and everyone‘s tastes are different. What if your family really loves your Grandmother's Virginia spiced ham? Use the Recipe Builder tool and nutritionally balance the whole meal. Or what if they don't like stir fry? One click and this recipe is replaced with one you like.

Look at the meal planning options.

You have the options of swapping out a whole meal, or of using the Ingredient Substitution tool to change the one thing you don't like, or can't eat. (This is a great benefit to people with food allergies , or those who need to be very aware of the glycemic index of the foods they eat).

Oh, and if you've found prepared meals in the freezer case at the grocery that sound good, the Nutrition Label Analyzer tool does the math for you and eliminates any guesswork.

No matter how picky your family, the longer you use the Menu Planner tool the better it learns your family's tastes. The longer you use it, the more it will find menus your family loves. Eating healthy does not mean depriving yourself, or forcing yourself to eat meals you just don't like.

Your FormulaZone membership is an incredible value.

Most diet programs are set up for only one person. FormulaZone offers Family Style planning at no extra charge. The tools automatically adjust meal size, and even portion size for every member of your family.

Take a minute to look at the program overview, choose your membership level, and get started with FormulaZone with your next meal.

Who knows? Maybe you'll be one of our next success stories.


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