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What is the Zone Diet?

It's a specific nutritional balance of 40 percent calories from carbohydrates, 30 percent from proteins, and the remaining 30 percent from fat.

Dr. Barry Sears originally created The Zone Diet for cardiologists, to teach them to use food as if it were a drug. He advocated diet as treatment for heart disease and diabetes. Those two diseases are also tied to excess production of the hormone insulin, the underlying hormonal disturbance that also causes obesity.

Patients on the program quickly reported that eating balanced meals made them feel better. Most of them also noticed that they were losing weight. When you eat a nutritionally balanced diet, your body naturally adjusts to keep you healthy - including dropping those extra pounds you don't need.

40-30-30 Balanced Nutrition


Will I be hungry on the Zone diet?

Nope. We predict that you're going to be pleasantly surprised at how much food you'll be eating. Some of our members complain that they can't eat it all. And you’ll love the variety of over 3,100 balanced recipes to choose from.

And when you tell the interactive Menu Planner to adjust for the number of people in your family, unless you tell them, they won't even know they're dieting.

What is a Balanced Diet?

It’s adjusting the amount of three key macronutrients you eat to keep your body in hormonal balance. The ideal is to:

What is FormulaZone?

Because we love the Zone Diet, six years ago we created FormulaZone to do all of the tedious calculations for our own use. Yes, we're followers of the Zone, too.

Show me how it works.

OK. Here's a sample of the nutritional information you'll find on food labels.

Nutritional Panel

You can access this data for thousands of common foods in our database, and key in the data for any foods you choose that may not be included. We break down the nutrients and do the math so that you can easily see whether this will be a Zone Diet food, or not.

Then, use the Recipe Builder to include other foods. You'll see a running total of the nutritional balance, the calorie count, and even a warning if your recipe is in danger of becoming high glycemic.

You can quickly play "what if", choosing ingredients, side dishes, even desserts until you've created a fully balanced meal.

How much does a FormulaZone membership cost?

Just slightly more than the price of a pay-per-view movie once a month. Choose your membership, and appreciate the best guarantee of any diet website.


How much could you lose?