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FormulaZone's Home, the Home of Zone Diet Recipes. Your home for news, tips, suggestions, and ideas for staying in The Zone.

About 40-30-30
The Zone Diet is 40-30-30 nutrition. What does 40-30-30 mean? Here we break it down so it's easy.

Benefits of Membership
Just a few of the hundreds of benefits of following a Zone Diet plan, and of membership to FormulaZone.

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Unsolicited testimonials from our members about the Zone Diet plan, FormulaZone, and our first-class support.

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Join FormulaZone to experience all that it has to offer you to help you follow a Zone Diet Plan. No recurring charges, which means we only charge you once. If you choose to extend your membership, you renew your membership yourself so there's never a concern over cancelling to avoid more charges.

Weight Loss Diagram
An easy to use overview of Weight Loss in The Zone. We explain the Zone "triad"- the three key points to staying in The Zone and losing weight.

News and Articles
Articles discussing The Zone, 40-30-30 nutrition, and other interesting topics. News about FormulaZone.

Nutrition Label Analyzer
An quick and easy tool that lets you analyze a nutritional label to determine if it is Zone Friendly.

Body Fat Calculator
A fast way to find your body fat percentage, and where you fit in based on averages.

A listing of recommended reading for staying on The Zone Diet, including the Zone Diet Book by Barry Sears. All books are offered through

Spotlight Meal
Each month we put the spotlight on last month's Zone Recipe contest winners. Non-members can even view the spotlight recipes!

40-30-30 Recipes
FormulaZone's list of all of our Zone Diet Recipes (40-30-30 Recipes). We offer search tools for finding your favorite Zone Diet recipes easy.

Discussion Forum
Exchange ideas, stories, questions, and read tips with FormulaZone's community of members.

Dining Out
Here FormulaZone provides you with tips and suggestions for how to stay on the Zone Diet when you go out to eat. Includes an example of a Zone Diet meal!

Contact Us
We provide you with quick links to great resources, and the various ways that you can contact FormulaZone.

Glycemic Index
How the Glycemic Index fits into The Zone.

Drink Plenty of Water
How drinking enough water is important to weight loss.

Eat every 3-4 Hours
Why it is important to eat regularly.

Stay under 500 calories per meal
What happens when you eat more than 500 calories in a single meal.

Member Areas

Recipes: View Recipe View any recipe with detailed information. A list of ingredients with nutritional info, directions and more. Each Zone Diet Recipe is personalized to you, and shows you how many calories the recipe provides.

Recipes: Meal Designer An extremely powerful, yet easy-to-use tool for creating your own Zone recipes.

Recipes: Add Packaged Meal Members can submit their own favorite frozen dinners (or other packaged meals) that fit in the Zone Diet Plan.

Menu Planner The Menu Planner is where members can keep track of all of their Zone Diet Menus.

Menu Planner: Menu Builder Super flexible and easy to use, the Menu Builder will build Zone Diet Menu plans for members.

Menu Planner: View Menu Part of the Menu Planner, members can View the details of their Menus and make changes so that it suits their lifestyle.

Menu Planner: Shopping List Once a member has built a Zone Diet Menu, they can then quickly and easily print a shopping list for the menu, making grocery trips less frequent and much easier.

Dining Out: Fast Food Here members can view fast food that fits the Zone Diet Plan. Search by your favorite restaurant and more!

Account General member account information. Tell us as much or as little as you like, we only insist on your e-mail address. Of course, we need your address to send that $100 Grand Prize check for winning the Zone Diet Recipe contest...

Account: Profile Members set up their goals (lose weight, maintain, gain weight) and their personal profile so FormulaZone knows how much of each Zone Diet recipe they need to meet their goals.

Account: Preferences Like a large breakfast, but a smaller lunch? Or a large lunch, and a small dinner? Members get to set their preferences to suit their lifestyle so their Zone Diet menu plans are totally customized to the way they live.

Account: Subscription This is where members can view their membership status as well as select their renewal.

Account: Account Activity This is where members can view their account history (payments, extensions, etc.)

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